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New Program: PharmaReach!

Read all about our new PharmaReach Program below in the What's Happening Now? See the drop-down.

Important COVID-19 Status Update

Of course, this is a very challenging time for us all, and even moreso for the folks we help. We are adjusting where we need to, in order to make sure that both us and our friends are all as safe as possible, while continuing to help to our maximum ability. Unfortunately, hugs need to be more withheld, and often that's what many of them need the most, but we're handing out coupons for those, to turn in later when this all calms down.

We have been able to restart our OutReach activities, and are able to reconnect with our friends on the streets, doorways and riverbanks. It hurts to still need to withhold hugs, but at we are able to spend some time and connect with them.

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Reaching Out

What's Happening Now?

see the drop-down

New Program: PharmaReach!

Kamloops Reach is Proud to Announce our new PharmaReach Program!

It's a never-ending, ongoing problem that many people in our society cannot afford needed and often life-saving medications. We're here to fill gaps that are not being addressed and this is a big one! And so Kamloops Reach has partnered with Manshadi Pharmacy to help alleviate some of this problem. This cost-sharing partnership will help to see that many people who would otherwise just walk out, once they hear the cost of needed treatments, can actually walk out with what they need in their hands.

We have started our PharmaReach Program with some seed funding, and it's unknown yet what it may take to keep it sustained for the long run, but we know that our plan is to continue this initiative for some time to come.

If you would like to donate to this program, please head over to our Donations Page and in the memo line, note that it's for the PharmaReach Program.

Ongoing Programs

See the "What We Do" page for information about our ongoing programs.

If you'd like to help out and get involved, check out our "Supporters", "Volunteers", and "Members" pages.

Coming Events

Out-Reach (ongoing)

At semi-regular intervals, we hit the streets in our vehicles, and visit our homeless friends on the streets and bring them some amazing baked dishes, sandwiches, fruits, baked goods, etc., along with some company, conversation, and companionship.

COVID-19 update: we have re-started and continuing with this sort of support, with appropriate protections to reduce the risk to our vulnerable friends and to ourselves.

PIT Stop Support (ongoing)

Most Sunday afternoons, we help out the crew at Pit Stop, who feed a couple of hundred of people every week. Send us a note if you'd like to come as part of our KRew. Read about it here.

COVID-19 update: currently take-out service only; still need help with prep and loading take-out containers.

Christopher Seguin Rotary Family Dinner Support (ongoing)

Assisting with the monthly Tuesday dinners at NorKam Secondary, prep shift from 2pm, serve shift from 3:30pm. 2020 dates: Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 24, Apr 21, May 19, June 9. Send us a note if you'd like to come as part of our KRew. Learn more here.

COVID-19 update: currently take-out service only; still need help with prep and loading take-out containers.

Watch This Space! ... we're always working on something else. Got an idea? Let us know!

Recent Events

June 23 2020 – Out-Reach Afternoon

A great afternoon, lots of sunshine, lots of smiles, and lots of food! Lots of thankful people out there.

February 29 2020 – Reach-Out Leap Year Lunch at Pit Stop

What a fantastic fun filled day! Thanks so much to everyone who made our first dinner a success. From donations of food, donations of dollars and donations of bodies, we had a great day. A bit touch and go when we looked in the alley and only saw 10 people, but they came! Happy guests, lots of food, and we were able to help Crossroads out with some leftovers.