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"Striving for a kinder community"

COVID-19 Status Update

This is a very challenging time for us all, but especially for the folks we help. We are adjusting where we need to, in order to make sure that we and our friends are all as safe as possible, while continuing to help to our maximum ability. Unfortunately, hugs need to be withheld, and often that's what many need most, but we're handing out coupons for hugs, to turn in when things calm down.

Food Security

Bridging Gaps

Social Connection

Reaching Out

Christmas - The Gift of Giving

Tender, Loving Care

Our volunteer, Barb, tended to this gentleman's sore feet.

Feeding Hungry People

We served 211 meals during our Thursday meal program in December.


A big thank you to the kind folks at Quilts Etc who donated 12 lovely fleece throws that were lovingly given to some very appreciative people!


Our volunteers package individual one week supplies of vitamins that we hand out to anyone who wants them. We distributed 341 packages in December!


We had news that dementia patients from a local care facility enjoy books written for young people. We bought 4 Robert Munsch books for them to add to their library.


We had some lovely donations this month, including many, many boxes of chocolates donated by Denise, from Remax, for us to include in our Christmas meal. Purdy's chocolates are such a treat for our guests!


This group has been raising funds to support non-profit charities in the Thompson Nicola Regional District since November 2014.

Their funds have supported organizations that are devoting their energies to passionately advocating for and helping the hungry, needy, and those with a serious health crisis.

These wonderful women have chosen us as one of their charities! Their donation of $8500. has enabled us to help 49 people make their Christmases a bit brighter. This included 10 seniors with the Better at Home program, four families through Kamloops Immigrant Services, and families at Lii Michif Otipemisiwak (LMO).


A program partnering with Manshadi Pharmacy

Many people in our society cannot afford needed and often life-saving medications. We're here to fill gaps that are not being addressed. This is a big one!

Kamloops Reach has partnered with Manshadi Pharmacy to help alleviate this issue. This cost-sharing partnership will help to see that many people who would otherwise walk out, having heard the cost of needed treatments, can actually walk out with what they need in their hands!

If you would like to donate to this initiative, please head over to our Donations Page. In the subject line, indicate that it's for the PharmaReach program.

We're Here to Help

President Lynne presented a donation to Kamloops Immigrant Services


The CMHA Clubhouse requested Rick from PIT Stop, and Lynne visit them to give a talk about Kamloops Reach and PIT Stop. They were unaware of the services and supports that are provided by these two groups.

Donation to Better at Home for Seniors


December 21st and 22nd were spent helping the Salvation Army cook their Christmas dinner for their food truck. They were overwhelmed with providing not only all of Kamloops food hampers, but Merritt as well.

Christmas Dinner

Lynne, Christine and volunteers prepared a beautiful Christmas dinner for our guests.

Thanks to Gary's European Sausage, SaveOn, and Freshco for the hams.


We are fortunate to have the resources to help people on days when we're not offering a community meal. Any time we have leftover food, we make meals for the freezer. When there is a knock on the kitchen door, or someone comes to the church in need of food or clothing, someone is always available to help, whether it be office staff, a custodian, or one of us working in the kitchen. The donations we receive enable us to do this. Thank you to everyone who helps!