Who We Are

Reach Community Support Society, based in and operating predominantly in Kamloops and surrounding area is, as our mission states, "a community humanitarian organization that helps people with challenges on an ad hoc basis for which other organizations aren't easily able to help". Our members and leadership truly and genuinely care about our community. Volunteers engage with our most vulnerable in a caring and meaningful way. We not only provide food and basic needs such as warm clothing, blankets, shoes, socks and much more, but we do it with compassion and authentic concern.

We recognize that successful community action is done one step at a time with basic goals and agendas. We continue to reach out to seniors, to families, and to other agencies to provide help and assistance with food sustainability, health or disability challenges, homelessness support, and poverty. We provide nourishment, outreach and compassion to many who are overlooked, ignored, feared, or misunderstood. Through various types of funding and sustenance, Kamloops Reach supports a pharmacy program where prescriptions, vitamins, and aids are provided to those who cannot afford it; a Better at Home program for seniors; a thrift store that will provide items; baby care programs; hamper programs; cold & flu and vitamin programs, and many more. This connection helps promote health and wellbeing but it also demonstrates that empathetic contact with others is of enormous value.

"Striving for a kinder community"

General Information: info@kamloopsreach.com

Board of Directors: board@kamloopsreach.com

Board of Directors

President - Lynne Borlé
Vice-President - Mark Moran
Secretary/Treasurer - Mark Moran
Director at Large - Ian Parker
Director at Large - Molly-beth Wilson