What We Do

We Are ALL Somebody!

Our mission states that we are "a community humanitarian organization that helps people with challenges on an ad hoc basis for which other organizations aren't easily able to help."

Essentially, we just want to make sure that everyone, everywhere gets what they need. Lofty goal, sure.

"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."

Lily Tomlin

Who else is doing what?

There are many organizations in Kamloops that focus on a variety of things. We can't do it all. When we see a need or opportunity, we look to our list or ask around to see who already provides that service ... and then we introduce ourselves.

We like to roll up our sleeves and help some of these organizations that align really well with our goals.

Is it a quick to-do that we can help coordinate?

Someone needs help moving something but no access to a truck... someone else has a truck and some time.

Someone needs some sort of item and cannot afford it ... someone else has it and never uses it.

Someone is temporarily laid up and can't deal with their yard or snow... and someone else loves getting free exercise.

Someone in an apartment misses taking care of a garden... someone else wishes their garden looked nicer.

The situations are endless... they just need to find each other.

Is this a program that we can take on?

Some of our programs came alive in just this way.

  • Weekly meal program taking place at the United Church

  • Regular meal support

  • Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving hamper programs and grocery store gift cards

  • PharmaReach to help many people who cannot afford needed and often life-saving medications, and would otherwise just walk out, once they hear the cost of needed treatments, can actually walk out with what they need in their hands

  • Other programs are in the planning process, stay tuned...

If you have any ideas or see needs that we may be able to help with, please send us a note at info@kamloopsreach.com